Who We Are

Firmas Jama Y Liberated organization is a London based company operating under the management of the Chief Executive Officer as well as founder, John Edwards, who is married to Carolina Cruz, a Cuban lady. Together, they purpose to steer the organization and the country at large to an era where one can freely pass information without being attacked by the government and other authorities that deny citizens their rights.

John Edwards rose to the business spotlight after his excellence in the gambling world. He had created and managed several gambling businesses including various online no account casinos and Slots & Stripes UK. It is the profits made from this that he would use to finance his non-profit organization. It has always been his passion to support philanthropic works and especially promoting a free Cuba. From his position in the business world, John Edwards and his soul mate Carolina Cruz hope that they can influence a few other prominent businessmen and women to help them fund their organizations with the aim of salvaging the people of Cuba.

The pair’s goal is a true democratic transition. They want to help the people of Cuba to find ways that can make their country’s democratic transition simpler and successful. Their organization would work with countries such as the Unite States to help Cubans prepare for democratic transition and build a reliable, and independent civil society. John Edwards would do anything he can to have a free flow of ideas and information to and from the island country.

The minds behind Firmas Jama Y Liberated organization envision and welcome an active role for the Cuban community, which will show the great capacity of the Cuban people to prosper in freedom and serve as the source of hope and inspiration. This will work to repair the devastation done to the society and economy during the years of Castro’s communism. Additionally, the organization will look to draw lessons from the experiences of the people of East and Central Europe and the former Soviet Union with their transition from communism to democracy and free markets.

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