Support Us

You can show your support by contributing a gift of any amount on our page. Any funds so received will be used according to the mission of the company- to promote a free Cuban nation. The company will require lots of finances for its operations and especially in hiring professionals, who can represent the organization. For instance, lawyers would be needed in the courts if there arises a situation where some people have to be defended. In that connection, the organization would also appreciate if there were any professionals who would be willing to offer their services. Many workers would be required to offer their services and no skill would be taken for granted. Just as in that case of the East Bloc nations in their liberation from the Soviet Union, they call for an important part for the multilateral financial institutions to play in Cuba’s transition.

Apart from the monetary donations people will provide, the company will as well appreciate any articles or resources that would be helpful in educating masses. Vehicles would be of use in allowing the organization to send medicines to church groups for distribution to families of jailed dissidents. Printers and computers would be appreciated to help in the printing and distribution of literature materials in Cuba. Apart from that, any other contribution would also be appreciated. We ask for your contribution to this noble course.

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