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It is true that a lot has changed for the people of Cuba in the past few years. Since Fidel Castro stepped down, his brother and the administration of President Obama agreed on some fundamental changes. Those changes have indeed an impact on the people of Cuba. The embargo by the United States has largely been abolished and American citizens can travel freely and directly to Cuba now. Those tourists bring money and this money has a direct influence on the life of many Cubans. As more and more western tourists come to Cuba the country is slowly opening itself little by little. But it is also true that Cuba is still very far from what we call a western and free society that governs itself through democracy. Unfortunately, that means that we are still needed. As long as there is no stable democracy in place in Cuba, we will not rest but continue our fight to free and support the people of Cuba.

We have been often criticized for our donators. Yes, our founder John Edwards has a background in the online gambling industry and people play frequently one of the alte spielautomaten. We are aware that this industry still has a bad reputation but we also freely admit that most of our most generous donors are from this very industry. And for the record, that is only partly because of old contacts of our CEO. The truth is, however, that we do rely on donations and without donations we could not do what we are doing in Cuba. John Edward’s wife Carolina Cruiz is a Cuban native and she gave us first-hand information about the what is going on in the streets of various Cuban cities each and every day. Arrests are made without warrants, people being beaten in the streets and much worse. Indirectly, all the people who are playing in one of those online casinos one of the alte spielautomaten, are also supporting us and our fight for freedom and democracy in Cuba.

We would also like to point out that a transition from a socialist to a western free market economy is one of the toughest tasks a nation could face. We all could see that in the several Eastern European countries whoa re still struggling to this very day with the aftermath of socialism. Changing a country and its economy is a very expensive mission that takes decades. Of course there are many NGO’s like us who want to make a difference for the development in Cuba, but at the end of the day we just need those donations. That is why we would like to ask everyone who is skeptical about our donors to jump in and support us. If you can not or you do not want to support us directly, you can just sign up at one of the casinos that supports us and play a round at the alte spielautomaten. If you land a big win, good for you, if you lose some of your money, that is not really a loss either. Your money will come to good use and maybe even change a life in the faraway island of Cuba.

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